Born  in Kwang-Ju, South Korea, Ji Oh immigrated to Los Angeles with her  family when she was 16 years old. She was exposed to art from early  childhood and was especially fascinated with color mixing and drawings.  Receiving recognition  for her talent in American high school was a big encouragement during  her adjustment to life in America. She received her BFA from California  State University Fullerton and her MFA from Claremont Graduate  University in Drawing and Painting. As the representative of her  graduate school, Ji participated in the Visual Art Competition for the  Los Angeles Arts Council Art Scholarship Awards and was awarded the  Second Prize.  Following graduate school and an inspirational two-month  solo backpacking tour of western Europe, Ji continued her art career and  private teaching at her studio in Walnut, California. She has exhibited  her artwork extensively at museums and galleries throughout the United  States and internationally, including Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico,  and Singapore. In 1997, she was an instructor in painting and drawing at  Idyllwild Art Academy. In 2002, Ji Oh was commissioned by the Kawaguchi  Art Station in Kawaguchi, Japan to create art for the Lilia Cultural  Center, and her work now resides in their permanent collection. Her most  recent shows include solo exhibitions at the PYO Gallery in Los  Angeles, and INSA Gallery in Seoul,  South Korea. She has curated three  art shows, including "Los Angeles Festival: Crossing LA", and has worked  as a juror for the City of Beverly Hills Art Show, a panelist at the  Watts Towers Art Center.  In addition to  being a guest art history lecturer at Patten University in Los Angeles,  she has lectured on "Woman Artists Past & Present" at the Korean  Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Western art history lectures at the  Andrewshire and Rubicon Galleries in Los Angeles. In 2013, she presented  a lecture series on contemporary and post modern art at the Lynn J.  Gallery in Buena Park, California titled "Love Art to Hate Art". Ji  periodically conducts art history lecture series at her private gallery  in Whittier. She is in 29th year of teaching art at Ji's Art Studio in  Whittier, California.